Re: Cal Scale (Bowser) AB brakes

Jeff Coleman

Finally the air tank casting in the Cal Scale/Bowser kit is a
larger than the one from Tichy.Are they both accurate or is one
oversized or undersized?

I'm curious about this question myself. While we're at it, has
else noted a deterioration in the quality of the Tichy brake casting
set? I'm seeing alot more flash these days. At one time therre was
flash at all.
Pierre Oliver

I measured a prototype reservoir this morning at work. It is 411/2"
long (includes the lugs) and 19" across at the seam. From what I see
the Cal-Sacle is a few inches short and an inch to wide. The Tichy is
a few inches long and maybe inch to narrow. Looks like both are
incorrect but only a little. I'll contenue to use both, whatever I
have on hand.
Jeff Coleman

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