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Denis F. Blake <dblake2996@...>

John and all

I have been away for a couple of days doing some work for my employeer Norfolk Southern, so my reply is a bit late on this..

John is dead right here. It seems like an eternity but it has really been precious few years since we were ushered into the truly modern ages, actually, the Golden Age, of model railroading. We have what amounts to a virtually unlimited range of kits from various manufacturers,in several mediums, range of quality and skills necessary to build these car. Yet, there are some who choose to bemoan the price of these cars. I suggest that these folks look at the way things were way back in the dark ages, I dare to say the mid to late 80's.

Manufacturers, small and large, have stepped up to the plate and provided us with a range of kits that just a few years ago was unimaginable. It seems like every week or two these days we are blessed with a new offering from one of these manufacturers. With the increasing selection came a battle for our dollars. This leads to one manufacturer trying to trump the other with regard to realism and fidelity of scale. Unfortunately, this also leads to a rise in prices as the tooling become more and more involved to provide us with the detail and accuracy that we demand now.

If you want to really give yourself a reality slap in the face go to your kit pile and pull out an IMWX kit...GREAT kits back then, still pretty nice today. OK, now pull out a Branchline kit and check out the details...WOW, what a difference, much finer detail...Of course there is large cost associated with this as well. Then, if you take into account the rising cost of tooling, inflation, regulations, etc., etc. you can more clearly see why the prices are going up.

Also, and this goes to those bemoaning the new resin kits. Check out the difference between one of those kits and the 80's stuff available from the resin manufacturers of the time. Again, a huge difference in quality and details.

Finally, there is the time factor. As all of you know time is something that we are all only given so much in day. These manufacturers spend a great deal of their time to give us the products that we demand. Just how do you put a value on that time?

I am stepping off of my soapbox and heading back to the basement.

Denis F. Blake

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With two kids and work kicking my butt every day, I
have little time to do much other than lurk on the
list. But I must comment on the recent thread
concerning all the new resin cars.

Have many of you fogotten where we were 25 years ago?
What's the point of complaining about resin car
prices--heck, I thank the good Lord that they're out
there, and that I can afford a few. The new offerings
from F&C, the Ribside Cars, cabooses everywhere, the
terrific Kadee cars, continuous new offerings from
Sunshine and W'Field, and--dare I say--even some
pretty nice things coming out of Walthers. Man, this
is the life. Enjoy it.

In 1980 I was kit-smashing Athearn cars by the dozens.
Weren't you? Thanks goodness there are bold men making
us great models today.

Enough Venting,

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL


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