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  Yesterday I attended a swap meet in the Twin Cities
Saturday, a
had question about the Sunshine CGW 1932 kit. The instructions
have a
nice photo showing the roof. The panel lines on the roof line up
the rivet lines on the side of the car. The roof in the kit does
also the kit roof appears to have seam caps at the panel joints.
had a flat panel roof he had bought from Stan Rydarowicz. The
seams lined up with the side rivets on Stan's roof, but Stan's
has a line between panels and has a line of rivets.
  The question is: Which roof should be used on the model?
Clark Propst
PS I have this kit and need to know if I need to buy a roof from
this weekend.

The roof in Martin's kit is an 11-panel riveted flat roof that goes
with the SAL, WRT and NC&StL cars. The CGW, NdeM and Soo cars had
12-panel flat roofs, which Martin's kits do not have. Stan's roof,
although I have not seen it, is probably a good starting point,
provided that you remove the "stuff" in the center of the panels as

Ted Culotta
Okay? We'll talk about it this weekend. Now, the Sunshine kit is
$30+ and Stan's roof is another $8 and we haven't bought any trucks
or couplers yet...this hobby is too rich for my blood :)

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