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How about volume 9 ?Arm

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Volume Nine of the Railway Prototype Encyclopedia (RPCyc) has an
extensive article on both the M-15 conversions and the M-53s. It also
covers the C-16 head end wagontops.
Unfortunately, it is out of print but hopefully you can get borrow a
copy or get a Xerox of the article, possibly from the B&O Historical
Bill Williams
The above information about Vol. 9 being out of print isn't correct. RP
CYC Publishing Co. has Vol. 9 readily available and they can be ordered
by mailing a check/money order to PO Box 451, Chesterfield, MO
63006-0451 or by visiting one of about 100 shops across the US that
carries the books. If your dealer is out of stock, please remind them
that stock should be replenished. If your dealer doesn't stock RP CYC,
that can easily be remedied by having them contact us. By the way, Vol.
11 is in work and Pat and I plan to have it available early 2005. I
will advise the STMFC when we are closer to printing.
Ed Hawkins

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