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Of the color still photos I have seen, I have yet to see an ATSF stock car with a black roof. Of course, most of the color photos come from the late 50s and 60s when the black roof would have been uncommon anyway.

I have reviewed a color film tonight made from 1947. One scene taken from a cupola shows two stock cars which are clearly "weathered black" to my eyes. Most shots are from the ground which makes determining roof color difficult, but they do appear black in many cases.

The Santa Fe Painting and Lettering Guide states, "Mineral brown paint with coarse red-brown granules sprinkled onto it while wet began to replace anti-slip black in 1951, but black car cement with either black or red-brown granules continued to be applied to some car rooms for several years in the early to mid-fifties."

For 1956, I would suggest that either would be appropriate. If you are doing a heavily weathered car, have a black roof. If you are doing a newly repainted car, do it solid mineral brown. In either case, the roof walk would be mineral brown.

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I just started my first resin stock car, a Sunshine ATSF Sk-U. After
spending the better part of my Saturday evening cleaning flash out of the
slats, I need somebody to remind that this hobby is fun....... I have a
couple of questions for the collective wisdom here. First, it appears the
Accurail "Bettendorf" truck would be correct for this car. Can anyone
confirm or correct this. Second is regarding the color of the roof. The PDS
with the kit says " a black (roof) color became predominate in the fifties.
It is not clear that the anti-skid surface was always applied" Richard
Hendrickson's article in RMJ states "this was not standard practice on stock
cars, most of which had mineral brown roofs." I can't seem to find a clear
shot of the roof from my era (1956). Can anyone provide some more specific
info. Thanks for the assistance.

Darren Plants

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