Re: Mainline Modeler October 2004: CP 55525-56024

Ian Cranstone

On 24-Oct-04, at 7:49 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Patrick Lawson's article "Canadian Pacific Railway Box Car 55525-56024" in
the October 2004 issue of Mainline Modeler states that these cars were built
in 1938. However, this date or the car series is most certainly in error,
as these cars are described as having 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends and
diagonal panel roofs. The drawing accompanying the article shows a 10 ft 6
in car with R+3/4 early Improved Dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel roof, and
7 ft Youngstown door. The photos accompanying the article are of CP 57622
and 59112, cars outside of the quoted series with NSC ends.
The 55525-56024 series were constructed by Canadian Car & Foundry from 12/57-1/58 (the other cars are from the 57525-58024 series, constructed by National Steel Car from 5-7/60 and the 58475-59174 series, constructed by National Steel Car from 7-9/61 -- this latter series being the last 40' steel boxcars constructed for CPR).

I haven't had a close look at the drawings, but that 1938 date is very strange. I haven't measured the drawing to be sure, but that door should be an 8' version, which had become standard on Canadian railways by about 1956.

When I get a chance, I guess I'll have to do some digging through photos and compare drawn features with the real thing...

Ian & Katherina Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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