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I just started my first resin stock car, a Sunshine ATSF Sk-U. After
spending the better part of my Saturday evening cleaning flash out of the
slats, I need somebody to remind that this hobby is fun.......

Cleaning the slats out of the stock car sides IS a pain if you chose to do
each one-by-one, however, there's a much easier way to accomplish this task!

Take a sheet of wet/dry sand paper (about 160 or 180 grit) lay it on a good
flat surface. Place the back (inside) of the stock car side down on the sand
paper and work it back and forth over the sand paper. Use light even strokes,
vary the location of your finger tips around the sides as you sand the sides.
After a short while, the remaining flash is so thin that you can literally
blow/brush it away, yet, the slats are still the proper thickness. Instead of
the time it takes to clean each slat space individually, this method takes
around 15 to 20 minutes per side, and leaves a "crisper" looking result.

Tom Casey

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