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... but it's safe to generalize that most cars built before WW I
with all wood superstructures were retired during the depression in
the 1930s, rebuilt with steel framing, or, if still in existence,
limited to company service and not used in interchange.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Of course there are always exceptions to generalizations.

The B&O for one operated its fleet of M-15 boxcars until after
WWII. Those built new without steel ends had their ends rebuilt as
described in the notes to the Westerfield kits. During the
Depression, the B&O did replace about 3,000 cars with their all-
steel superstructure of the wagon-top design, but we assume that
changes in the tax laws made re-building cars with no advantage over
ordering new cars and this program stopped. This fleet probably
lasted until after WWII because of the increased need for freight
cars and the restrictions on building new ones. The fleet rapidly
decreased immediately after WWII.

Bob Witt

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