Re: Northbound Boxcars from White River Jct. VT (CV) in Sept. 1955

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Jeff Lodge advised:

I posted an html copy of data for the month of September 1955. The
data source is a set of all northbound car lists going north out of
White River Junction VT. Bill Bringham of the CVRHS supplied the

I took all cars designated as a box or auto and counted them per
road. The CN naturally came way out ahead - interestingly at almost
exactly 50% of the boxcars.

The distribution of ownership of the US-owned boxcars ex CV's & GTW's
appear to be roughly in line with the proportion of boxcars owned by US
Class I RR's with the exception of the New England roads per the
following table comparing the boxcars per your northbound list and the
12/31/1955 boxcars owned by the RR's in each region:

Region Total Percent 12/31/55 Roster Percent
Total 3,610 100.0% 718,950 100.0%
CV 93 2.6% 793 0.1%
GTW 185 5.1% 8,612 1.2%
CN 1,863 51.6% Not included
Other Can. 84 2.3% Not Included
Unknown 5 0.1%
Tot US For 1,380 38.2% 709,545 98.7%

Tot US For 1,380 100.0% 709,545 100.0%
New England 150 10.9% 15,844 2.2%
Tot ex NE 1,230 89.1% 693,701 97.8%

Tot ex NE 1,230 100.0% 693,701 100.0%
Great Lakes 308 25.0% 118,635 17.1%
Cen. East 213 17.3% 118,461 17.1%
Pocahontas 65 5.3% 32,435 4.7%
Southern 172 14.0% 98,423 14.2%
Northwest 179 14.6% 110,271 15.9%
Cen. West 221 18.0% 151,375 21.8%
Southwest 86 2.4% 64,031 9.2%

The CV came in fifth with a not so respectable 2.5% of the fleet.
(If you have 200 boxcars in your fleet, and are modeling the CV,
that only means 5 CV boxcars on the whole pike!)
I am surprised that the CV percentage was so high - 93 (or 11.7%) of the
total 793 boxcars in the 12/31/1955 Roster. Were some of the cars
counted twice?

What was the percentage of loads vs. empties for the CV boxcars? For the
CN boxcars? For the GTW boxcars? For the other Canadian boxcars? For US
Foreign Boxcars for the New England Roads? What was the total loads vs.
empties for the entire 3,610 population? For the US Foreign Boxcars?
Knowing this data may help in analyzing the list as to ownership.

More detailed analysis will follow. I am ordering my 1955 ORER from
Westerfield tonight (via the web) and will start the huge task of
breaking the cars into there respective classes. (I entered the car
#, road name, load if known, train # - a unique ID for a specific
train, section and date - and destination - where given.
Looking forward to having loaded vs. empty data.

Analysis of hoppers will be interesting to say the least.

The distribution of Hopper ownership should be more regionally biased in
favor of the Great Lakes & Central Eastern regions.

Hope this helps, Tim Gilbert

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