Re: resin kits

John Fitts <jefitts2003@...>

I would happily volunteer my time as a resin pourer (actually have done that work), but it's a long commute from Evanston to Crossville. Anyway, Al, I really do appreciate your work, your reasonable prices, quick delivery time, and your ongoing commitment to prototype fidelity.

Now if you would just bring back those Heinz reefers and the Yellow Kid, I'd be one happy fella! And incidentally, I'm not technically a model railroader: I build 'em and put 'em on a shelf.

Westerfield <westerfield@...> wrote:
There are rewards to the business. How often does your boss tell you you're doing a great job? We get that on an almost daily basis. Just as importantly, when folks lay out their hard-earned money they validate all the long hours we put in. We work for way-below minuimum wage and make up for it by putting in long hours.

The idea of just running off a few hundred kits a week is not reality. You deal with making molds, repairing patterns, ordering material, handling complaints, issuing publicity, writing instructions, cursing cranky computer programs, etc. At the Toronto NMRA convention I gave a clinic entitled A Two-Hour MBA on the Business of Model Railroading. I introduced it with the example of Wayne Wesolowski and Bill Schaumburg who, many years ago, started a small business together manufacturing wood structures. They went crazy doing the same things over and over, quitting after a few months. The reality is that manufacturing is drudgery. The R&D is fun but that's what you do when there's time in the evening after the production is done. From time to time we get resume's from persons wanting to be model makers (obviously, we try to look bigger than we really are). We never get ones wanting to be resin pourers.
- Al

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Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 6:37 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Cal Scale (Bowser) AB brakes

> Ted's comments about replacing brake components found in resin kits
> hits home with me.
> I like the old CalScale sets now offered Bowser or similar ones in
> the Bowser GLA hopper kits.
> Has anyone bought more than a couple of these sets directly from
> Bowser at a discount? $3 is a little pricy.
> Can someone identify the source of the plastic brake sets included
> with the Sunshine tank car kits? They are pretty nice too. How about
> a savings on them?
> Finally the air tank casting in the Cal Scale/Bowser kit is a lot
> larger than the one from Tichy.Are they both accurate or is one
> oversized or undersized?
> Ed

Bowser does sell the AB in bulk (190-50283, at $99.95 for 50 sets). They
also sell the KC set at the same price, but for some inexplicable reason,
you get 100 sets. I can't believe there's enough difference in the shot cost
to make the AB's double the price of the KC's, but at least it gets the
price down to $2.00 a set.


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