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This IS a great way to get the sides cleaned out, but one word of
caution... I was happily sanding away on one when I was momentarily
distracted by the six year old. Apparently, my sanding hand just kept
going, and when I looked back, I had sanded right through a couple of
boards. Of course, I think I will just make this into a car BADLY in
need of new boards, or I may just cut the board out completely. add a
new one, and make it look like an on-the-road repair <G>.


YUP! Done that myself, however, in my case, I was foolish, or just plain
impatient, to first try using a power belt sander. Think "Tim Allen/Home
Improvement"! It took mere seconds to sand through the flash, AND a few full boards
too, leaving the remaining side paper thin. I eventually used Evergreen 2" x
6" strip to replace the missing slats, and shimmed the thin sections where the
floor attached to the sides. It's hard to see the repairs now.

The hand sanding method works well, with the key being a light touch and by
repositioning your finger tips. I also have a fairly stiff artists' brush that
is used to check progress. Once the bristles can dislodge the flash, you're
done. So far, it's worked well enough to build 15 resin stock cars without any

Tom C

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