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There are many hobby shop across the country that have large inventories
of kits(Mostly decorated) by Intermountain ,Branchline and Red Caboose.The
problem will be greater when these inventories are sold off.A call around
the country will uncover thousands of kits available.A Premo

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I've never had a problem ordering undec kits from
the Whistle Stop or the handful of other shops I
do business with. If it's available from the
distributor or manufacturer, they get it - though
sometimes it can take awhile, depending on what I
want and the availability thereof.

I think the bigger issue down the road will be in
finding decals for the kits we're merrily stockpiling.
Once Champ sells down their inventory and goes out of
business, there are going to a lot of railroad and
private company decals that won't be available unless
Microscale picks up the slack - and they're notoriously
slow at bringing new items to market.

I really do think we're going to miss those ALPS printers
that are no longer being manufactured...

Shawn Beckert

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