Re: Intermountain kits - undec only

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Paul Gehrett wrote:

I wasn't referring to the availability of decorated kits, I was
referring to
the future availability of UNDECORATED kits. At rosemont,
said that future projects may or may not be available in
undecorated kit
I did notice that the thread had switched from discussing the
possibility of the unavailability of decorated kits to the same for
undecs. But only after I had posted. Sorry.

Spent a couple of hours at InterMountain with Marty this morning,
and although it wasn't the purpose of our meeting we did discuss the
kit availability thread. Two important points:

1. Marty feels everyone is overreacting to this. He's a committed
prototype modeler and recognizes our "special needs".

2. He's attending Naperville on his own time, at his own expense.
He'll have a display model of the IM ATSF stock car (it's gorgeous),
but beyond that he'd appreciate it if everyone would let him enjoy
the meet and attend the clinics. He's not there to spend _all_ his
time discussing InterMountain, or the hobby business, and would
really appreciate it if everyone would respect that.

Tom Madden

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