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Bill Schneider <branch@...>

Jeez, with an intro like that how can I resist.... :>)

The Branchline "Yardmaster" series kits ("E-Z" has already been taken...) are a new series of kits aimed at the "mass market". They will have cast on details but the details will be as fine as we can make them and include things like underbody brake gear (ala Central Valley/McKean). The hope is to reach some of the market who thinks "all those parts" make a kit too difficult to assemble but still want a well-detailed good looking car. Think of them as our Proto 1000....

The first car out in this series will be the pre war (1937?) AAR 10-0 IH boxcar. If response to this car is decent there will be others. The tooling for this car is complete and has been test shot, but I have no scheduled release dates. (Of course, MR Rose will tell you that even if I did it wouldn't mean anything...)

This series will NOT replace the Blueprint Series kits we produce (occasionally...). It is aimed at the quick-build segment of the market. If you're looking for a highly detailed kit of this car with all the extra goodies, buy one from my friends at Red Caboose. If you want something to slap on the layout fast, this is your baby!

Bill Schneider
Branchline Trains wrote:

ATTENTION ALL. Coming soon to this list will be Mr. Bill
"we-haven't-shipped-that-yet" Schneider, chief honcho and bottle washer
of that part of BLT dedicated to destroying the balance of styrene and
ABS in the universe. I'm sure he will be glad to answer any and all of
your questions about their new kits in complete detail. Honesty is
optional at extra cost.

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