Re: Milw ribside cars

Bill Kelly

The Ribside models are of the 1939-1940 built 10-6 IH cars
as are the Sunshine #41.1-.4 kits. The 10-9 IH cars were the
1944 and newer cars.

As to the roof, there are things I like about each kit.
The Ribside kit roof is not 100% but easy to fix.
The roof ribs are about the right height but do not taper on their
way to the edge of the roof. The smaller ones don't reach the edge.
Both things are minor but easy to correct. Just my opinion.
Bill Kelly

Tim wrote:


Some people at Naperville felt that the Milwaukee welded roof
is not correctly tooled. My Mainline Modelers with good shots
of the roof are in storage, so I can't examine them myself and
compare the models to the prototype. I hope someone will do this
and resolve the issue. I agree they are good looking models. I
think they represent the 10'9" IH cars (there is a gap above the
doors) and I don't have a roster handy. Some people thought these
are the same as the Sunshine model, but I don't think it is because
of the increased height. Can anyone resolve that question?

Tim O'Connor

I received two kits, one each version, of the MILW
rib-side cars by John Greedy.
Nice, very nice.

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