Superior Five-panel doors

Eric Hansmann <ehansmann@...>

So, I was cruising through a Branchline Yardmaster kit today and thought I
should review the PDF at the Steam Freight Cars website to check on the
roof, doors, handbrake and running board.

The 1937 AAR box car I am building is painted and lettered for the Detroit &
Mackinac with number 2702. From the data on the PDF, the prototype car has
the standard panel roof, wood running board, Ajax handbrake, and..Superior
doors. The kit comes with Youngstown doors, BUT I happen to have a set of
Superior doors from an old IMWX kit, and these are even in the same shade of

Of course, there is a question in here somewhere. A few questions, actually.

The doors I have are seven-panel Superior doors. Is this standard of the
1940 era? Or were there five-panel doors?

Has anyone seen a photo of these D&M box cars (2700 to 2704)? If you have
seen an image of these cars, then how many panels are on the doors?

I'm just trying to find some closure here.and maybe the right door. I'd like
to finish up this car and get it into revenue service.

Eric Hansmann

Morgantown, W. Va.

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