RE drill chuck.

John Swanson <dwlscbq@...>

I did not go far enough in my information.
I know what I was looking for. You did not. This should help.

I went to
go to - Chucks and machine accessories.
Then click on - Drill Chucks Key type
scroll down to bottom to Sensitive Drill Feed
Click on picture to see how the mount looks
Then just choose which chuck you want.
You can spend from $95 to over $219 depending on which chuck you choose.
I figure each kit I build saves me a good $5 in drills and untold hours of hand drilling.
Ever notice after drilling a bunch of holes by hand, you start hurrying and breaking drills? (as an 'ole timer' my hand starts to ache also)
I do have to add that the majority of the Westerfield cars built that summer were of the old hard resin type and I still only used one drill.

The chuck and the spring shank are very precision tools and will run true.
However, since I did get a rather cheap drill press; I do have to do some fiddling to get the sensitive chuck chucked up to run true in the drill press.
Even with some wobble, the indents on the drill locations of the kits capture the drill.
The choice of what to spend is of course yours.

I also just put Victor Machinery on my favorites list. I think I will find the answer to a lot of tool questions there.

John Swanson

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