Re: Swift Reefers in Southern Ontario

Schuyler Larrabee

Tim and Rich, isn't it fair to ass u me that some
of those Canadians ate some beef too? Wouldn't
some Swift reefers have been consigned to
destinations in Southern Ontario?


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Rich Chrysler asked:

Can anybody tell me if Swift reefers could be
seen in
Southern Ontario in the late 1940's?


I have been under the impression that meat
reefers were
routed GTW-CN to St. Albans or Island Pond VT
distribution at sundry meat cold storage plants
in Northern
New England. In a 1990 George Melvin article in
RAILROADING, meat reefers were delivered to the
MEC by the CN
at North Yarmouth ME in the 1960's.

In 1955, Swift had 15 cold storage plants served
by the B&M.
So, adding two and two together to make five, I
would assume
that Swift reefers were among those routed
GTW-CN to northern
New England.

Confirmation of this, however, may come from
Jeff Lodge who
is in the process of parsing all the northbound
dispatched by the CV from White River Jct. VT
during the
month of September 1955. If there are empty SRLX
reefers in
this report, this would confirm that SRLX
reefers were routed
via the CN at least in 1955. If there were
northbound loaded
SRLX reefers out of WRJ-CV, then the SRLX
reefers were not
routed via Canada north of Lake Ontario.

I have no means to make an educated guess as to
whether some
SRLX reefers were routed through southern
Ontario for
delivery at Niagara Falls or Buffalo.

Hope this helps, Tim Gilbert

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