Re: Genesee Brewing Company Reefer

Brian Carlson

Wow, this generated more discussion than I expected. I happen to have
the Walthers car handy and it is a wood sided car (not that that
means it is correct) and the reporting marks are GBCX 107. Other data
CAPY 7000 lbs
LD LMT 80500 lbs
WT 51500 E.R. 11-33
Rebuilt 8-33 (to the right of the above data)

It Sides are painted white, ends and roof brown, Lettering on the
sides is black with a red GENESEE and red cicle around a black circle
on the right side.

Maybe someone can find it in a 30's ORER.

The 1960 and later Genesee and Wyoming cars are from a totally
different railroad.

Keep in mind this is an earlier T-M car from and era when Walthers
didn't really care about protype correctness.

Brian carlson
Cheektowaga NY

--- In, Roger Hinman <rhinman@r...> wrote:
MDT leased a small amount of wood cars to Genesee Brewing co in
under the GBCX reporting marks

Roger H.
On Nov 6, 2004, at 4:34 PM, Tim Gilbert wrote:


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