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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Wow, this generated more discussion than I expected. I happen to have
the Walthers car handy and it is a wood sided car (not that that
means it is correct) and the reporting marks are GBCX 107. Other data
CAPY 7000 lbs
LD LMT 80500 lbs
WT 51500 E.R. 11-33
Rebuilt 8-33 (to the right of the above data)
It Sides are painted white, ends and roof brown, Lettering on the
sides is black with a red GENESEE and red cicle around a black circle
on the right side.
After 1934, the ICC decision would not have allowed new billboard reefer paint (though existing ones were grandfathered two more years). Roger Hinman identified the Genesee lease as 1935-36. This suggests to me that the paint scheme on this model is bogus.

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