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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Roger Hinman wrote:
When I attended Richard Hendricson's talk on Billboard reefers at
Naperville, I believe it was stated the law stopped one from
advertising products that
weren't carried; in this case as long as beer was the product being
carried, it would not violate that criteria. Not fact, just an opinion
on what I think I heard.
What Richard said is that the cargo was ONE criterion for the ICC advertising restrictions. There were others too, primarily the banning of the provision by the lessor of free paint jobs for the lessee's product, at no charge for the advertising value. Whether MDT was in that game, I don't know; URTX and GARX had the biggest fleets of cars prepared that way. And the permission for limited advertising was not clear for a few years; in the mid to late 1930s everyone's scheme was VERY simple. Thus I continue to doubt the timing of the supposed Genesee beer scheme, but of course am open to specific proof.

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