Re: Trucks (Drehgestelle) in German website

Thomas Baker


Sorry I thought I was sending the e-mail to Gene alone. Yes, "hervorragen" can in some contexts mean "protruding". It also means "outstanding" as in the expression "eine hervorragende Leistung."



From: Brian Paul Ehni [mailto:behni@...]
Sent: Tue 11/9/2004 5:11 PM
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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Trucks (Drehgestelle) in German website

The Website of Hermann Jahn is simple protruding! A clear example of the
technical talents of the Germans. I become that all downloaden, if I have
for it time. Since git's a beautiful quantity to read and digest. Thanks
for the reference.

"simple protruding"?
Brian Ehni

From: Thomas Baker <bakert@...>
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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 16:01:51 -0500
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Subject: RE: [STMFC] Trucks (Drehgestelle) in German website


Die Website von Hermann Jahn ist einfach hervorragend! Ein klares Beispiel
der technischen Fertigkeiten der Deutschen. Ich werde das alles downloaden,
wenn ich dafuer Zeit habe. Da git's eine schoene Menge zu lesen und verdauen.
Danke fuer den Hinweis.



From: Gene Green [mailto:lgreen@...]
Sent: Tue 11/9/2004 11:23 AM
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Subject: [STMFC] Trucks (Drehgestelle) in German website

Hermann Jahn from Hameln in Germany has a fairly extensive website
concerning trucks. He labels arch bar trucks as 'diamond.' The
thrust of his site is those trucks used on European freight and
passenger cars but since some US trucks found their way to Europe
these are represented too. The site is in German which limits its
utility to a small segment of this group. I thought some of you
might be interested.
Gene Green

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