Re: C&BT 1944 boxcars

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Brian Carlson asked:
"I have the opportunity to purchase many undecorated kits of these
cars. I realize I'll be replacing the ladders and grabs, but was
wondering what I could model with the basic car. With the newer BLT
cars as well as RC and IM am I better off to pass on these?"

Dick Dermody replied:
"As the proud(?) owner of 40+ of these cars, I'd advise sticking
with the later and better IM and BL cars."

I'm in the same situation as Dick, having bought a ton of these
things while at RPI. Avoid the 10-panel side models as they've been
superseded by the Branchline kits.

"Two exceptions:
1. If your model is of a 12 panel side, C&BT is the only car
available in a 10'6" car."

If you're looking to do a PRR Class X43A, this is the one you'll
need. I'll need to check the kit that I have to see if you'll need
to scrape away rivets or not, as these cars had welded sides.
(Here's a photo of one in 1974. Note the NYC style weight data!)

"2. If your model is of a car that does not have overlapping side
seams, the C&BT is again the way to go."

Add a third - the double door car with early Imporved Dreadnaught
ends and rectangular panel roof is the only one available in HO,
though I'm not sure what prototypes match this model. (The
Accurail/ex-McKean model is a later GN prototype with diagonal panel
roof and later "banana taper" Improved Dreadnaught ends.)

Ben Hom

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