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Larry King (!) wrote:

Clover House makes lettering for the Genesee
Brewing Co of
Rochester NY. Russ Clover kindly sent me a scan
of the car.
It appears to be an MDT Bettendorf underframe
40' car of the
type built ca. 1913-1917 (2 equal corner
straps,rebuilt with
6- hinge door instead of 8-hinge door). In the
Clover House
catalogue it is incorrectly referred to as a 36'
car. Color
was listed as yellow, but I bet it was more
likely white,
with red ends and roof.

Larry, did Russ send you a scan of his diagram, or
of a photo of a real car?

It was a scan of the real car-Roger Hinman has a better quality one
that he posted to the STMFC Files.
Larry King

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