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Need some help concerning Canandian National box cars. On January
17, 1949 CN XM 477636 was on the M&StL hauling paper.
I recently acquired one photo each of CN 474917, blt 6-38, and CN
475831, blt 7-38, which are both from the same CN series as 477636,
namely 471000-477849 as listed in Jan. 1942 ORER.
The two cars look more like 1937 AAR box cars than anything else
except for an odd looking end. Would the IMWX/Red Caboose box car
the correct starting point for a model of 477636?
The photos appear to show metal running boards. Does anyone know
that is indeed correct and, if so, what kind of running board?
hand brake was used? Can't tell from the photos.
Are these odd ends available?
Has there been any magazine articles on modeling these cars?
I can send scans of these two photos to anyone who can advise me.
Gene Green
Everything you need to know about how to model these and other CN 40'
boxcars is covered in an article written by Stafford Swain in RMC. I
can't recall exactly when the articles were published but Stafford
seems to think circa 1994. I will confirm that when I get home later
As to the ends, they are available now from Sylvan Scale Models,
As are correct roofs and end walks. You will also want to look into 8
rung ladders with integral stirrups. Des Plaines Hobbies retails
plastic replacemenst which fit the Red Caboose kits very nicely.
I've done a number of conversions of these cars. It's a really fun
Pierre Oliver

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