Re: CN box car series 471000-477849

Tim O'Connor

The two cars look more like 1937 AAR box cars than anything else
except for an odd looking end. Would the IMWX/Red Caboose box car
be the correct starting point for a model of 477636?

Gene, according to my notes, CN 474000-477849 all had S-corner ends
and FLAT riveted roofs. The end styles were

474000-475299 unknown
475300-475999 NSC-1 ends
476625-477349 NSC-2 ends
477350-477849 unknown

So it appears that you have discovered one of my "unknown" ends on
477636. The NSC designations are from modelers -- Dan Kirlin used to
make them and now they are available from Sylvan Scale Models. The
easiest way to model them now is to use the Intermountain 1937 box
car, because it has separate ends and roof.

References RMJ 6/1993, RMC 8/1993. There are also Richard Yaremko
books on Canadian box cars. Volumes 1, 2, and 2A cover CN 40 foot

I'd appreciate your scans please!

Tim O.

The photos appear to show metal running boards. Does anyone know if
that is indeed correct and, if so, what kind of running board? Which
hand brake was used? Can't tell from the photos.
Are these odd ends available?
Has there been any magazine articles on modeling these cars?
I can send scans of these two photos to anyone who can advise me.
Gene Green

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