Re: Quad hopper ID

Bill Darnaby

I would suggest that you contact Craig Presler, c.presler@... ,
who is the freight car guy at the museum in Noblesville, IN. If he doesn't
know for sure he can find out if the cars are indeed aluminum.

Bill Darnaby

Chris Barkan wrote:
The original post on these described them as "steel cars" painted
Are they actually painted, or maybe that is their unfinished color?
Tony, do
you know if the originals were painted or ran "naked". Also, if the
location in Indiana could be repeated, it may not be that far away
from me. I
might be interested in a look myself.
Chet French sent me a scan of a photo he took, and the car sure
looks like it has a lot of rust streaks down the sides. He stated that
the photo was taken four years ago.
The various Alcoa demo cars for which I have photos all are in
natural aluminum. In fact, the Alcoa PR materials identify the
corrosion resistance as one of the advantages of aluminum.
Someone should certainly check on this car, but the French
photo sure makes me think it is a steel car.

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