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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Rich Townsend asked:
The mobil 3 dome tank discussion brought to mind the brass Gem 3-dome tank cars I see photos of from time to time. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it appears that these are just brass versions of the Athearn 3-dome cars (i.e. the same [over] size). Is that the case or are they the proper size? For that matter, are they prototypical of anything?
If they are duplicates of the Athearn 3-dome plastic model, they have no prototype that anyone has found in the last 30 years. Their PROPORTIONS are not too bad, so if you could put them in your clothes dryer and shrink them to an 8000-gallon tank size, they would not be too bad (don't forget to shrink the underframe too, but in length only). Let us know if you get this to work. <vbg>

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