Re: Mather Stock cars

Brian Carlson

Thanks Richard, now what to do with them, since neither works for my 1957 layout. Maybe I'll repaint them into a later Mather, CB&Q, B&O or NP those seem to have been around longer.

Brian carlson

Richard Hendrickson <> wrote:
I've got two LL P2k Mather stock cars I'd like some more information
about, specifically the time of lease. I've re-read Richard
Hendrickso's articles in the Nov. and dec. 1987 Model Railroading,
but they don't have the information I am looking for. I don't have
the 1997 issue to read the review.

From Richard's article I see that the ACY had 15 cars double deck in
the series 285-299, however, when did the ACY lease end. The data in
the table is from 1948. The P2k car has a 1949 reweigh date.
3 cars remained in this series in 10/50 and 1/53; all were gone by 1/55.

I also have a Gotham Stock Express car, GSX 4081, During what time
frame did Mather use the GSX reporting marks, I couldn't find them in
the 1955 ORER I own.
Cars frequently came and went from Mather's own fleet as they were leased
to, or returned from, lessees. The ORERs show a bunch of GSX cars in the
late 1940s but none in the mid-1950s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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