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Bob Webber <zephyr1@...>

I'm not sure, but I would think that it might go to a smaller dealer or to a large customer that does have means to crush it. Note in the piles in
the yard, there is more of that grade too. Heck, you put one of those
lumps of coal in some stoves and you have heat for one night easy!

One thing that I do see - if you use the links Tim sent, you get the
panoramic views on one page - which is nice, but one some of the views it
ruins the effect and the detail. Particularly of the Apex and Bingham
scenes, where having to scroll back and forth to trace the routes is half
the fun.

I have seen one model of a open pit, and after looking at the two examples,
I can see there being, in some cases, more operation in these mines and
complexes than on some layouts. And the nice thing is, there is no need to
excuse the use of multi-level tracks!

At 08:09 PM 11/21/2004, you wrote:

Tim forwarded some links of interest from the Utah site. My question
about the coal dealer (in the link below) - What customer would want a
load of coal the size of the stuff in the truck directly in front of the

Being that big, I can't see that it would burn cleanly. Would the coal be
any cheaper in such a large grade to make it cost effective for a client
to have a crusher?

Obviously this is of direct interest to those of us who will be shipping
coal in our scale empires......

Jeff Lodge
Brattleboro, VT

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:
Citizen's Coal Company... (before)

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