Re: F&C PS-0 ten rib end kit

Brian Carlson

I forgot to say that since the PM, NKP, and WLE all were members of the Advisory Mechanical Committee they probably had the same ends.

Also the notes in the article I have says both the NKP and WLE cars had Equipco hand brakes.

Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson <prrk41361@...> wrote:

Ted, looking at the two pictures I have, I think I agree with Tim, they look like W-corners. The two pictures I have are NKP 20616 (former WLE) taken in 1956 in San Diego, and WLE 26016 in 1944 (Photo is not dated, but last reweighed on 11-1943.)

FYI in April of 1959 started to convert these to TOFC cars.

Brian Carlson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Ted, I thought NKP was the exception to the kit. The UP and CGW
cars clearly had square corner ends.

I was building this kit and was going to decorate it for the NKP.
However, the photo that I have of one of the NKP cars built in 1940
shows that they had round corner ends with W-section corner posts. The
F&C kit has square corner posts. Does anyone know if the PM or WLE
cars built in 1940 with 10 rib ends has square or W-section corner
posts on the ends? I am beginning to think that the kit may not have a
prototype, which is a rarity for resin.

Ted Culotta

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