Re: More old photos

Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Charles Etheredge says ...

Richard, how about my all-time favorite, the Staggerwing!
Oh dear Charles, that one? The Staggerwing Beechcraft? Yes, it is a
STMFC era airplane. And, it is indeed an awesome airplane, but it is
also one that leaks oil into the drip pan like there is no tomorrow!

In other words, the Beechcraft Staggerwing leaks oil profusely!

Cessna produced (Cessna 195) a very nice piece of work about the same
time. It did not leak oil quite so bad.

Whatever -- In either event - the Staggerwing and the Cessna 195 - ,
in each case the sound is round (the soothing rumble of a radial
engine) - something that Richard Hendrickson's little rag wing tail
dragger can't do.

However, sound or no - it (Richard's tail dragger) sure is fun to fly.
Rogue River Country.

Richard lives in Ashland, Oregon. Ashland, Oregon - well, I tell you
what. It is a really neat place for an airport and a nice place to
hanger a rag wing tail dragger.

Roger Miener
(who is not as young as Richard Hendrickson would suggest)
at Tacoma Wa

PS Richard, how about the Howard DGA (Damn Good Airplane), otherwise
known as the aluminum overcast. Ever see one of them? Howard in
airplanes was like Overland Models in model railroad circles. In each
case, there were not very many of them built.

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