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Montford Switzer <ZOE@...>

Tony, David and list:

Curiosity got the best of me Saturday when I was passing through
Noblesville, IN so I took a good look at the car in question -- in the
rain. It is definitely a steel car complete with a coat of red primer
followed by aluminum paint.

The one located at the stone quarry between Monon and Francesville, IN,
with the bogus MONON lettering may or may not be of steel construction.
That one bares closer inspection.

Mont Switzer

David Thompson wrote:
If the car is actually from Alcoa, it might be one of the 15 steel
clamshell quad hoppers built as counterparts to the ten aluminum
all by Canton in late 1931. The end construction of the car in
could determine if it is one of those 15, or simply an H21 or H25
or something else.
Excellent point, David, and the car would be nearly as
interesting in that case as if it were aluminum.

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