Re: F&C PS-0 ten rib end kit

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Nov 21, 2004, at 9:23 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Ted, I thought NKP was the exception to the kit. The UP and CGW
cars clearly had square corner ends.

>I was building this kit and was going to decorate it for the NKP. 
>However, the photo that I have of one of the NKP cars built in 1940
>shows that they had round corner ends with W-section corner posts. 
>F&C kit has square corner posts.  Does anyone know if the PM or WLE
>cars built in 1940 with 10 rib ends has square or W-section corner
>posts on the ends?  I am beginning to think that the kit may not
have a
>prototype, which is a rarity for resin.
Yes, all of the cars built in 1938 had square cornered ends. The 1938
cars only had nine corrugations in the ends, excluding them as
prospects for the ten corrugation end kit (the CGW and UP are
reproduced by the nine rib end kit). What I was asking is whether the
ten corrugation end cars built in 1940, specifically the PM and WLE,
had square or round corner ends. It appears based upon Brian Carlson's
info that the WLE has also had round corner ends, making it unlikely
that the PM would have had square corner ends. I never thought I'd see
the day that I would have a resin kit without a prototype. Thank you
both for the info.

Ted Culotta

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