Re: F&C PS-0 ten rib end kit

Tim O'Connor

I never thought I'd see the day that I would have a resin kit
without a prototype. Thank you both for the info.
Regards, Ted Culotta
Ted, talking to people at Naperville I have come to realize that
MANY resin kits have no prototype, depending on what features you
are interested in. Many Sunshine kits have incorrect doors, ends,
underframes, and even car widths. If you want a lesson in this it
pays to visit Byron Rose's workshop and look at his couple dozen
corrected resin models. They are unpainted so you can see all of
the changes he's made -- to both Sunshines and Westerfields.

I think Stan sells both styles of Pullman end as separate parts,
so you can at least salvage your kit...

Tim O.

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