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On Nov 22, 2004, at 9:11 PM, Brian Carlson wrote:

OK, it seems that the round or square corner designation for PS-0's is slightly different than on AAR 1937 dreadnaught end. For AAR 1937 ends the round vs. square is the actual shape of the corner of the end. However, for the PS-0 cars the difference between the round and square ends is whether or not the end ribs wrap around the ends.

Am I correct in this line of thinking? Can someone point me to a photo of a square end PS-0.

No, it is the same concept as in Dreadnaught ends. I have uploaded a composite of the NKP PS-0 round corner end and one from a TC 1937 AAR box car. Both have the same round corner and I have to assume that like the TC box car, the PS-0 also has W-section corner posts since they were stronger. By the way, these ends were called Carbuilders' ends in the PM diagram. This term was used by the ARA and AAR to describe alternate permissible components that could be used in construction of standard designs.

The photo is in the STMFPH group (I couldn't add it to the files of STMFC as they are full) at: YEKjQUFus0QFYJYQh4SGakO9dXe8MdjaC0x1i78jqcsWVFsWroBGmZERIpHzHrUZ_ozKB8Lm Q8rMQGNla4VJv8sgkUgW/round-corner-carbuilders-end.jpg

Note that this link wraps and needs to be cut and pasted into your browser.

Ted Culotta

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