Re: ERDX again

Brian Carlson

Bud, he told me at Berea that he wasn't making much in Buffalo NY. Also did I show you the ERDX photo I have, or is it the same one you have.

Brian Carlson

BlackDiamondRR@... wrote:
Thanks for finding the ERDX car photo. Would it be too much trouble to
get a dupe made from it? I'm in the process of building one in S scale and
have one 8 x 10 b&w photo purchased from Bob's photos that is a help but it
doesn't have the round herald to the right. Please excuse the post 1960 info, I'm
inclined to believe these ran in the 50's.
BTW, has anyone else noticed that Bob's Photos has been missing from
any recent train shows or is just in my area? (western NY state) He usually is
at the Syracuse Train Fair at the State Fairgrounds and the local show but
missed him at both.

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