Re: toolmaker's dye

James Eckman

You might be able to remove the pencil marks with alcohol as well. It's a trick that works with wood, so it might work with plastic.

Jim Eckman
First sorry for quoting the whole list, I was away from home and using the lame net mail interface.

I tried the pencil with alchohol trick, it did not work on styrene, there was still a pale grey line left behind. This may be a problem for those like me who distress our styrene ahead of time and then don't prime it. I use thin coats of hand brushed acrylics and it telegraphs color changes from the substrate for at least 3 layers. I'm always hesitant to prime models, too much chance of filling in fine details.

Sharpies would be worse though, they are fairly permanent. Much less of a problem for those who prime.

Jim Eckman

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