Re: Trix / Marklin Tankcars

ian clasper <ianclasper@...>

At 40 bucks a pop (based on 3 car set selling on ebay for 90 euro,
converted to dollars at $1.3/Euro) , I think you will be a little
reluctant to buy these too kitbash.

Ian Clasper

--- In STMFC@..., Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@s...> wrote:
OK - I understand the bulky details etc aren't pretty, but
supposing one went over this model replacing parts, is the basic
frame and tank/dome correct/tolerable? And for what era (1947???)

Rob Kirkham
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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Trix / Marklin Tankcars

Chwwwoock, ptoooey!

For minute there I thought maybe AHM had come back to life... but
that's being unfair to AHM.

>Looks like the Trix / Marklin tankcars are finaly available,
>have appeared on ebay in Germany.
>These are the only shots I have found so far of the actual models
>Ian Clasper

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