Re: Panel Side Hopper

Larry Kline

Ben Hom wrote:
If it's a 33 ft IL car, it's only good for two roads: AA and WAB. These
cars were built new as panel-side cars in 1948. All other panel-side
cars were rebuilds of either USRA cars or earlier twins with lower
sides and box end sills similar to PRR Class GLa.

The section on Wabash hoppers by George Drake, Jr. in the _Wabash
Banner_ coal issue (No 23, Winter 1993) lists 4 series of Wabash panel
side hoppers. All 4 series have the same ORER dimensions: 33 ft IL, 9
ft 7 in IW, 10 ft 8 in to top of sides, and 2120 cu ft.
36000-36424 built in 1937
36500-36624 built in 1943
36625-36742 built in 1947
37000-37999 built in 1948-49

The Rail Craft O scale model is a model of these Wabash panel side
hoppers. It was advertised in the June 1939 MR, page 327, and in
several later Rail Craft ads. The model photo in these ads is lettered
WAB 36000.

I have posted a scan of the Rail Craft model in the files section. The
file name is _Rail Craft WAB 36000 hopper.jpg_ The builder didn't get
the lettering quite right, the rivets are quite oversize, and panel
shapes on the model are not quite right. Still, its not bad for a 65
year old model and the panels are three dimensional. The panel shapes
are clearly intended to be like those on the Wabash hoppers, rather
than like the panels typically used on rebuilds of USRA hoppers such as
P&LE lot 651-H and NYC 416414 that Ben posted.

I intend to use several of these Rail Craft panel side hoppers as
stand-ins for P&LE lot 651-H until a better model comes along. Rich
Yoder, are you listening?

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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