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I am pleased that the "Prototype Police" are active.Maybe what we
really need is a "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for each and every
model.Thanks guys.Armand Premo

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Fred Mitchell wrote:
"I just ordered an Atlas O USRA boxcar lettered and numbered for Frisco
145912. The car looks like a pretty authentic USRA single sheathed
car, at least from above, and I am wondering if the Frisco
identification is "authentic" or imaginary. Mainline Modeler
published a list of the original USRA single sheathed boxcar owners in
1980 and Frisco wasn't among them. Can someone with a car registry
clear this up?"

It's bogus. Frisco did receive 3500 USRA DS cars, but ZERO USRA SS cars.
It looks like Atlas is using the USRA SS boxcar model as a canvas for
schemes on similar "9 panel 'Bettendorf'" SS boxcars as Accurail has done
HO, in this case, the SL-SF 145500 series:

This group of prototypes (SL-SF, M-K-T, CB&Q, among others) superficially
resemble the USRA design, but have Z-section truss members, different ends
(often a 7/8 Murphy or early Dreadnaught ends instead of the 5/5/5 of the
USRA car), different roofs, and some variations in height.

"If it isn't, I wonder why Atlas doesn't select one of the 20 or so roads
listed in the MM article and run it."

The same reason as almost every other manufacturer - the more road names
offered, the bigger audience it attracts, resulting in more sales and a
faster return on their tooling investment.

Ben Hom

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