Re: Flat cars

Michael Aufderheide

The Tichy 40 ft flatcar is an AC&F design built in 1923 for NC&StL;
however, you are mistaken concerning its lack of prototype appeal.
This model (and the Ertl model that models the same prototype) can be
also be used for CN, CP, DL&W, N&W, SP&S, SSW, and T&P.

Another use for these cars is to build Monon flats 7501-7510 which
were converted from low sided gons in 1945. Though few in number,
these cars were in wide circulation carrying larger finished limestone
pieces. Monon society member Chad Boas has made cast resin
replacement side and end sills for the conversion. I've got two of
these in progress now and they fall together easily. See:

...scroll about 1/3 the way down.

Also on this page, see the bullseye gon ends that Mont Switzer used in
his recent Mainline Modeler article.



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