Re: Flat cars

Michael Aufderheide


Do you have the flat car diagram in a easily
e-mailable form? I've got one of my two cars done and
it would be good to have a least one with the stake
pockets right!! As an aside, I stopped by Linden on
the way home from the convention, Bill pulled up and
noticed that the stake pockets were cast with ICRR in
them. Curious.

Also, I plan on going to Linden in January to help
with the archives. Do you want to take care of your
ebay stuff then?

Also, also, I've sent another email to Tom Kepshire
regarding the feasiblity of a modeling group worked
through the society web site. If it won't work that
way I'm inclined to start a Yahoo group and just get
it going. Winter: 'tis the season to build models!
I'll keep you posted.

Also, also, also, I've been adding re-weigh and
re-pack data to some of my cars lately. I noticed on
one of your decal sheets there is a stencil for
something like 'this door is fastened shut'. Might be
more pieces of the 13/14/1500 series boxcar puzzle.


--- Montford Switzer <ZOE@IQUEST.NET> wrote:

Ben and Mike:

Let me jump in here a little regarding the MONON
7501 - 7510 series
forty-foot flat cars.

They were converted from stone gons built in 1926 to
flat cars in 1945.
They were off the roster by the early to mid-1960's.
I've never seen a
photo of one, but have a lettering diagram which
also gives the stake
pocket spacing. This spacing is not consistent from
pocket center to
pocket center due to the odd spacing of the gon

Also note that the car preserved by the Monon
Society at Linden, IN does
not appear to be one of the 7501 - 7510 series
flats. There are fewer
stake pockets than called for in the official Monon

I covered all of this in an article that has been
submitted to MAINLINE
MODELER. I suspect we will see it in print some
time during the first
half of 2005. The side and end sills by THE SHOPS
with the Tichy flat
car kit and a few added details build into a rather
nice looking model.

Mont Switzer

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Aufderheide
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 7:39 PM
Subject: RE: [STMFC] Re: Flat cars


A similar car (i.e. Monon low sided gon with the
removed) exists at the Monon Society in
Linden,Indiana. It is one of a few cars which were
purchased from the Monon by a stone quarry and
languised in the weeds until the society saved it.

Also, Bob Schultz, ex Monon carman has built an O
scale model. See:

Rest assured Bob's model is accurate as he only
models of cars he repaired while with the Monon or
owned afterward!

I've finished everything but the paint on the first
my two kits. The size looks quite a bit different
than ever a 42' Red Caboose flat, so it may satisfy
your desire for variety.


Mike Aufderheide
Modeling the Monon in 1947-8

--- Benjamin Hom <> wrote:

Mike (?) wrote:
"Another use for these [Tichy 40 ft flat] cars is
build Monon flats
7501-7510 which were converted from low sided gons
in 1945. Though few in
number, these cars were in wide circulation
larger finished
limestone pieces. Monon society member Chad Boas
has made cast resin
replacement side and end sills for the

Mike, could you point me towards a photo of these
cars? Another flat car
model would be welcome to increase the variety of
kits on the market, even
if it only models 10 cars.

Ben Hom

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