Re: Subject: Re: Re: Another tankcar question: Molasses Service

Brian Carlson

If anyone is interested the History Channel (or maybe Discovery Channel) recently covered this in one of their programs. I caught it while flipping channels so I don't recall which program.

Brian Carlson

Michael W Seitz <> wrote:
The Smithsonsian article sounds very close to the Readers Digest
article. It also indicates that the lawsuits against US Alcohol came to
trial six years after the disaster and was found liable --about the same
time that US Alcohol quit. The article indicates that the tanks did not
have a sufficient safety factor and the fully loaded 2.5 million gallon
tank came apart at the seams.
Given the general historical importation of molasses into Boston, it is
not improbable for a small distributor to lease a handful of tankcars to
ship molasses inland for use as cattle feed.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

Message: 24
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 03:55:14 -0500
From: "Thomas M. Olsen" <tmolsen@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: Re: Another tankcar question: Molasses Service

In the early 60's, Readers Digest printed an article regarding another
situation similar to this. In that article, the tank did not explode,
it collapsed allowing thousands of gallons of liquid molasses to
inundate the town that it occurred in. It was somewhere in New England,
but the name of the place escapes me at this point in time. Perhaps
someone on the list remembers reading about it.

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware

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