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found the correspondence I mentioned in my last posting which appears to correlate with the data below; still trying to find the gentleman's name but he was a very knowledgeable Reading equipment historian. Below quoted from material he sent me:

"An agreement of September 29, 1938 arranged for 90 cars to be repaired and leased to Merchants Despatch Transportation Corp. bearing reporting marks ERDX and numbers 9500-9589. The first two cars were repaired by MDT after which 9500 was sent to Reading as a sample car with the remaining 88 cars being repaired at the Reading Shops under the supervision of MDT representatives. The cars were to be used for Dry Lading only. Four cars are known to have been reassigned the MDT reporting marks of BVDX, those being BVDX 901-904, ex ERDX 9521-9524 (only BVDX 903(ERDX 9523) not confirmed) Last car taken out of lease which was terminated as of June 28, 1949 was ERDX 9561 which was renumbered back to RDG 19919 and was then retired in October, 1949. Seven of these cars are known to have been sold "as is" to Dairy Shippers Despatch in 1948."

He also mentioned plans for this car were in the Oct 62 MR

In my Newberry Jct(RDG NYC interchange) project I'm working on, I've detected four of these cars so far passing through in winter of 1941-42. Three with "canned goods" and one with milk

Roger Hinman

On Dec 11, 2004, at 10:40 AM, larry kline wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote
Philadelphia & Reading bought some new single sheathed reefers in 1923
(I wonder if those eventually went to FGE?).

The NMRA Charles collection includes photos of two of these cars taken
in 1947: 19905 blt 6-23 and 1600 blt 5-23 (see below). Both cars are
marked for ice service in these photos.

Reading kept all of these cars at least until 1938 based on the
following ORER data.
19885-19984, class RMj in the 1947 photo
6-29 100
12-30 94
4-38 94
1-40 4
7-45 4
7-50 2
1-53 2
10-56 0

Six of them were renumbered and reclassified as passenger refrigerator
cars ca. 1930.
1591,1592,1598-1601, refrigerator passenger, class BRj and no steam
lines in the 1947 photo
6-29 0
12-30 6
7-45 6
7-50 4
1-53 3
10-56 0

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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