Re: NP stock car (Central Valley kit)

Richard Hendrickson

What trucks are correct for the Northern Pacific stock car put out by
Central Valley? I would model it as-built, in 1936.
The instructions list Tuscan as the proper color, and Champ HC-112 as
the correct decals. Any changes for my earlier era?
It looks like I'm going to have some trouble hiding weight on the
car. Any suggestions?
Dean Payne
There were several series of these cars with at least two slightly
different ARA cast steel trucks with spring planks, one with Barber lateral
motion devices between the bolster and springs (never modeled on HO) and
the other without. I'd use Accurail's mis-named "Bettendorf" trucks.

If you want to model the car empty, a flat metal weight on top of the floor
really won't show; it's harder than you mqy think to see through the narrow
gaps between stock car model slats. If you want to model the car with a
load, forget buying HO scale stock, which also won't really be visible.
Instead, throw some weight in there and then carve a piece of stiff
styrofoam with a bunch of humps and bumps on the top and sides, paint it
brown (or light gray for sheep) and viewers will never know the difference.
All you really need is something that's shaped and painted to vaguely
resemble stock to act as a view block so you can't see through the slats on
one side and out the slats on the other side.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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