Re: NP stock car (Central Valley kit)

Richard Hendrickson

From Gerg Martin:

Richard writes:
There were several series of these cars with at least two slightly different
ARA cast steel trucks with spring planks, one with Barber lateral motion
devices between the bolster and springs (never modeled on HO) and the other
without. I'd use Accurail's mis-named "Bettendorf" trucks.

Richard would this also be the proper truck for my post 53 era? I have seen
many photos of these cars in PRR stock movements and of all places, coming
off the Panhandle, heading into Pittsburgh. Gotta have a couple with those
"better Bowser" K9's and K11's.
Yes, the trucks on these cars were never changed. I saw one in BN company
service in the '80s that still had its original solid bearing trucks.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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