Re: Prototype Modeler kits

Old Sourdough <pmeaton@...>

At 11:44 AM 12/12/2004 -0800, Denny wrote:
Recently, I acquired a new-old-stock PFE R-30-13 wood craft kit, the
producer of which was Prototype Modeler. I am unfamiliar with this
company. Could anybody tell me anything about when they were in
operation, and just what kits were produced and for how long?

It looks like a lovely kit.


Since I am well stocked for those kits, I need no more and haven't checked
lately, but up until the last time I checked a couple of years ago, those
kits were still being produced by Taurus. I have not Walthers catalog
here, but you can either check yours or check on line. They may still be
available new from the manufacturer.

Paul Eaton
The Old Sourdough
Halibut Guts, Alaska

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