Re: Prototype Modeler kits


I remember that the PFE model looked a little clunky, heavy battens and such. My friend
George Berisso designed the RI car, and it was much better proportioned. Of course, both
were late '70s wood craftsman kits, so they might not compare with today's injection
molded wonders. I probably have one stashed away somewhere.

Walt Lankenau

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--- In STMFC@..., Walt Lankenau wrote: They also did an
even nicer Rock Island wood reefer.

I always wondered what the difference between the 2 cars was, other
than lettering. Plans for both cars are given in the 1931 CBC and
Trainshed reprint - they look the same to me.

I found a roof which didn't match the floor in length in one of the
PFE kits and an off square floor in another.

The underframe on these kits is fragile, being made of wood I beams.


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