Re: Paint Brushes

Michael Aufderheide


Until a year ago I used brushes for everything,
including body paint. It is amazing how well a brush
painted model can look with the right paint and the
right brush. Ironically, the best results I ever had
were with the least expensive brushes. I used #4 and
#6 brushes which cost about $1.69 each! I don't have
the brand info here, (they have blue handles) but the
very soft, 3/8" long, synthetic brown bristles work
best. I tried several different more expensive
brushes and they either left brush strokes or did not
deliver the right amount of paint.

The only paint I ever got to work well was Polly Scale
acrylics. My few experiments with oil based paint
were a disaster, and sent me running for the mineral
spirits to erase my mistake.


Mike Aufderheide

--- kitemaug <> wrote:


I am starting to paint and assemble the New Illinois
Terminal Bay
Window Caboose from AMB. I have got to replace and
get new paint
brushes. I realized I am using brushes more and

Could the group be kind enough to take the time to
recommend good
paint brushes and where to purchase them. Just like
all of the
group, I use oil and water base paints.

I am sure others in the group could use a few good
paint brushes.
Thanks for your help.

Timothy in Calif.

P.S. I posted this question to one other group
who build models

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